FS: LH Bear Kodiak Magnum and Bear Kodiak Hunter


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    FS: LH Bear Kodiak Magnum and Bear Kodiak Hunter

    The first bow for sale is a LH Bear Kodiak Magnum 52" 42# bow.
    This bow is beautiful with the highly desirable grayling green limbs. It has a new string with just a few shots. The riser does have 4 small holes where a sight was mounted at some point. This is a Grayling Michigan made bow.

    Asking $130 TYD
    PICT0044.jpg PICT0043.jpg PICT0042.jpg

    The second bow is a LH Bear Kodiak Hunter 58" 49# bow. This bow is also a Grayling Michigan made bow. It has green limbs with white limb tips. The front of the riser has a layered look of green and white fiberglass. There are two strips of duct tape on the limbs where a quiver was attached at one point.

    Asking $150 TYD

    PICT0046.jpg PICT0045.jpg

    All payments will be done with paypal please. If you have any questions send a PM

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    LH Bear Kodiak Hunter sold.

    The Kodiak magnum is still for sale

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    I pmd you I will take the kodiak

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