Has anybody tried to make their own bowfishing rig?


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    Has anybody tried to make their own bowfishing rig?

    Was thinking about trying to make a rig so i can shoot some carp. I was thinking maybe i could drill a tiny tiny hole in an aluminum arrow to feed some line through. Not sure if that would make it unsafe i shoot? Had some fmjs i was gonna try it with if you guys think its safe. Anybody ever try something like this?
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    Problem in that is your arrow will fill up with water and cause the arrow to fly funny when the water shifts during release. Bowfishing arrows are only $15. Plus I really don't condone shooting a bowfishing arrow without a safety slide. Too risky tying to the tail of a arrow as I've seen first hand what a arrow can do if it gets hung up.

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    Look up the guy on tube who makes bows out of PVC pipe. Cheap and great for a fishing bow
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    I took some old ThunderHead 125 ferrules that had no life left in em,drilled a hole thru em big enough for a wire coat hanger to slide thru.
    Slid said hanger thru the hole,snipped 1 1/2" each side of the ferrule,and bent them backward toward the fletching some.
    Filled the rest of hole in with a dab of JB Weld.

    As far as attaching line to the arrow ,tie it by the tip.

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    You drill a hole in that shaft,and your arrow may shatter upon release,sending you to the ER to get part of a shaft removed from your arm/hand...if your lucky.

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    I wouldn't risk it, besides the safety part of it fiberglass arrows are much heavier and better suited for penetrating water and taking a beating on objects under water. Plus the safety slide is a good thing. I have seen pictures from when an arrow snags on bow and gets snatched back into the users face-not good.

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    Spend the 15 or 20$ on the fiberglass fishing arrow in my opinion... $20 bucks can buy you piece of mind...

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    That's asking for trouble man. The fiberglass arrows that are made for bowfishing can take a lot while an arrow for targets/game animals can't. If you hit a rock or something solid, your arrow is going to bust (If you bowfish it's going to happen way more than what you want it to). The reason they make the fiberglass arrows is to add weight so that it can carry energy through the water and penetrate the fish. They'll also take tons of hits to rocks and make your wallet a little happier.

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    Took an old arrow with no fletching and made a homemade slide. I made a reel by winding fishing line around my stabilizer. I recommend this only for shallow lake fishing as the last time I tried to go fishing the line snapped and took the fish with it. Spend the money for a good fishing arrow if you can.
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    You can order arrows from backwater or bowfishing extreme for around $10.

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    I have made arrows out of the orange fiberglass driveway markers you can get 2 out of one, cut off 4 inches of a 2213 slide on back and glue then drill your hole through the aluminum to attach the slide stop, makes it nice being able to use the uninok rather then busting off glue on knocks, but still use the muzzy or ams safety slides and muzzy tips, but it does save a few bucks if your looking to make a quite a few arrows, I added the 2213 nock ends to all of my fiberglass arrows, had a pile of bent or kill arrows laying around.

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