Pulling out of the valley


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    Pulling out of the valley

    I am getting back into shooting after a 2 year absence. I am shooting my 2011 Rampage XT with a beast release.
    I find that after a couple dozen arrows my release hand will pull forward just before I release.
    I am able to let down with control but then it is difficult to get back to full draw and when I do, I hit the wall and bounce forward sometimes.
    Am I just getting tired and need to take a break?
    I think I may be creeping forward with my release hand.
    Could my DL be too long? It seems my anchor point has changed.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    yes your creeping forward,,,, NO valley...any movement and the bow tries to jerk your arm off... have your DL checked, im guessing your out of alignment also. hitting the wall and bounce,im guessing you have big wheels on the cam and you struggle to pull the bow to full draw when the can rolls over you get a sudden serge of power then you hit the wall. turn the poundage DOWN some. this will help .

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    Great advice,thanks.
    I have been working on this for a week now and having good success.

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