Guys my Covert CX1 isn't the same xbow i returned to Carbon Express for repairs it's shooting at least 50% harder than it ever did before & it's even turning my 18" Blackhole Target a flip just about everytime i shot it today it doesn't act as the same crossbow i sent to CE they have got it right this time around I was shooting @ 35 yards & it was turning my target a flip 98% of the time & it just feels better in my hands than it did before . Fellas i couldn't be anymore tickled with it than i am right now .Before the foot bracket worked loose just about everytime i would shoot it & i shot it at least 20 times or more this evening & it as tight as it was before i started shooting Carbon Express has gotten it fixed I bought me one of those laser bore sight tools & i didn't adjust it as it was supposed to be & it's wound up costing my 4 of my pratice bolts it serves me right for not taking the time to read the instructions & getting it right the first time & after i did it right it was shooting just under a inch @ 20 yards & just a few turns on my scope & boom it grouped like a good shooting rifle would . I am beyond happy with it now & i know that there are many better made & more costly crossbows on the market but i SURE HAVE GOT MY MONEY'S WORTH & it's grouping like it never has before & it did group good before but now its AWESOME WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!