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    Proper form help

    My first post. I hope it hasnt been asked too many times before.

    I am a self taught archer and frankly not very good at it. Ive been shooting for years but recently developed the habbit of freezing below the X. I thought it was target panic but now Im thinking my back shoulder may be high. Ill have to check that when I shoot next. TP or not I need it fixed.

    After reading a lot on this site I know I need to go back to the drawing board to improve my accuracy and hopefully cure the problem I just explained. The problem with that is I dont have any coaches in my area. What I need is a book or article to help me learn proper form. Can anyone recommend anything for me??

    Thanks a Bunch
    ML Bunch

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    I would recommend you get Larry Wise's book Core Archery. He also has it in DVD.

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    15 Here is a good video. has a series of videos breaking down each segment of the shot cycle.

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    yes a high shoulder can do that, a long DL can do that also.. im not much on youtube seems every tom-dick-harry has his own opinion most are pretty ugly..that seems to be a big issue on archery ..people try to help a fellow archers like... this worked for me... you ever hear that? or they get help from a friend , uncle, neighbor who has no business trying to help because they learned the same can ask 10 archers the same q . and get 10 different answers...its can post a pic of yourself shooting a LEVEL target head to toe and a close up of the chest to face and post it here.most of the people who post here on a regular basis are pretty good. but it sounds like a form issue to me.

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    I will not mince words on this forum, so here goes: I would highly recommend ignoring the first video that was suggested. It is wrought with errors, flaws, and generally poor information.

    The Performance Archery video series by Allistair Whittingham are very good and provide sound, proven technical advice.

    As already stated, you'll get better recommendations after posting a head-to-toe pic of yourself shooting at a level target. Good luck!
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