Deer calling help.


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  1. Deer calling help.

    I've only been hurting for one year now. And would like to know. When is a good time to use a deer call. All season long or just in the rut.

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    Not necessarily when you use it but how you use it during the season. Different grunts and bleats. I would search youtube, I am sure you could find something to help educate yourself on the different kinds of grunts and bleats when you use them. Good luck
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    IN the early morning on cool fall days do a few grunt calls it will let them know there is "deer" around.

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  7. Ok thanks

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    I am never without mine. I generally dont call blind but if I see a buck that would otherwise not walk in to my set I will make a couple of short grunts. I did just that on a nice buck at 100 yards. He came in looking for a fight. I arrowed him at 15 yards on Nov 7. A buddy of mine had similar results using the can during the rut.

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