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Thread: Deer calls what kind?

  1. Deer calls what kind?

    I go to the stores and there are a lot of deer calls. I don't have much money to just play with. Want kind do you guys like. And what ones are easy to learn how to use?

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    I would recommend picking up Primos' Mastering the Art deer calling DVD, it goes over all types of calls with how and when to use them in certain situations. I don't ever enter the woods without my grunt call and bleat can. I consider them a must!
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  3. P. S . And do you get one for doe and one for bucks? Or do you think the ones that do both are any good?
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    I like the Primos great big can in Mid October and the rut, I also like Primos grunt and wheeze in the rut. And no I am not paid by primos.
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