Deer calls what kind?


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  1. Deer calls what kind?

    I go to the stores and there are a lot of deer calls. I don't have much money to just play with. Want kind do you guys like. And what ones are easy to learn how to use?

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    I would recommend picking up Primos' Mastering the Art deer calling DVD, it goes over all types of calls with how and when to use them in certain situations. I don't ever enter the woods without my grunt call and bleat can. I consider them a must!
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  5. P. S . And do you get one for doe and one for bucks? Or do you think the ones that do both are any good?

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    I like the Primos great big can in Mid October and the rut, I also like Primos grunt and wheeze in the rut. And no I am not paid by primos.

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    tru talker

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    Keep your money in your pocket.

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    I have a grunt call which I carry with me on all hunts. The camo pattern has been worn off for many years. It has led to the kill of MANY deer. Advice?.......Go to youtube and search for grunting bucks. Watch as many videos as you can find with grunting bucks in them. Imitate the real deer, not people trying to sell you a call! Probably half of the deer I have killed with a bow was because they came to a grunt call. Sometimes I see deer out of range and they are leaving the area. I grunted at them and they came to me and I shot them! I have called bucks away from does and killed them.

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    My biggest bucks I have killed I called in with bleat call followed by tending grunts. They work for sure and are a must in my book.
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    I use The Extinguisher. it adjust throughout all deer vocalizations. so this one call takes the place of multiple calls.

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