Draw weight progression


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    Draw weight progression

    I have a recurve that I've been shooting everyday now, and it's getting easier and easier to shoot. I'm at 26 lbs right now, and I think I want to upgrade my limbs. What poundage do you think I should go up to? I mean what should the progression look like? I mean I don't want to end up buying limbs that go up every two pounds because that's expensive. I was just curious as to what your personal experiences are. Help a girl out?

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    If I were you, I'd focus on my form. (Stance, grip, hold, aim, release, follow through) I'd get used to shooting tight groups before just upping the weight.

    There is a HUGE difference when adding 5 pounds draw weight to a bow.

    If you have 26 pound limbs you only get that 26 pounds if your draw length is 28" or so. (I believe that's the target number)
    If you are drawing 24" you loose 2 pounds per inch.
    So.. 28 - 24 = 4
    4 * 2 = 8
    you are drawing 18 lbs or so.

    Depending on the bow you have they make limbs of different poundage.
    Consult your manufacturer about the next weight up.

    Go to your Pro Shop and ask them to try a bow with that poundage.
    Shorter bows will feel harder to draw.

    Your draw length will not change much from what you are now. (Unless you are still growing.)

    Arrow weight and length can make a big difference. Your arrows will be faster and lead to better accuracy and less drop at distance if they are lighter. Don't shoot with 30" arrows if you have a 24" draw.
    Don't shoot a .500 spine arrow if you are shooting 24" length and 20 pounds. Those arrows will weigh much more and the spine will be too stiff.

    I hope that helps

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