Replace my 08 cardiac for me.


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    Replace my 08 cardiac for me.

    Looking for a replacement for my 2008 cardiac, I'll start by saying this is by far the best bow I have ever shot. I'll be keeping the cardiac as a back up bow but it's time it gets replaced. I'm looking for a bow new or used that can compare with a little more speed. I want something with the smooth draw and solid back wall the cardiac has. Thank you.

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    Can't beat the Ross XD!! Super little bow, light weight, smooth as silk draw and solid back wall!! Check them out, you won't be disappointed
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    I would say the elite energy 32 or obsession Phoenix would be the ones I would look at. If you want to go a year older then I would say bow tech experience. If you want to stay solo cam look at the Mathews creed

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    Your best bet is to stay with the Cardiac.
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