little bolts (reinforcement buttons?) missing on new alien z


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    little bolts (reinforcement buttons?) missing on new alien z

    Couple missing out on n the limb tips - where to get them? I also have the excessive cable wear just above the cam where the module screws on to the cam - love the way It shoots though! Just have to work out a couple of bugs

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    Call Martin and have them send them to your shop. When those come loose they can cause a buzzing noise that will drive you nuts if you don't know to check them. The noise will sound like its coming from the cam.

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    I believe they are simple 4-40 button head screws.

    Where did you find the Alien Z?
    Please be patient,
    I am still trying to figure
    this mess out.

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    Ebay last fall - like the z but it ate the cable - got it at a local shop now - need to get it ready - heading to Colorado in 58 days!

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