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    Bowtech RPM 360 Tech Heads


    I am new to this forum and I have a question for you guy's
    I just retired from the Military and I am looking at getting back into
    Bowhunting, I have in the past shot Hoyt bows but I am thinking of
    getting a new Bowtech RPM 360.
    Question: Would I be better off with the 60 lbs bow maxed out or the
    70 lbs set at 60 lbs or 65 lbs also my draw length is 27.5


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    Oconto Wi
    If you only want to shoot 60lbs don't buy a 70lbs max bow.Bows preform better at there max weight
    BOWTECH FANATIC IN JADE GREEN 65/29 dead center stabs,vaportail rest and CBE sight/BOWTECH BOSS BLACK OPS 65/29!!/Mathews Chill X Black 65/29

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    I would go with 60# bow.

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    Me I'd go with the 60lbs max limbs but will max just over 60 tho.
    2017 Denali xpedition 62lbs 513 /277
    15 eva shockey 42.3 lbs 27'' 316/259fps
    2011 elite pulse

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    Apr 2014
    I think it was legion that stated he had Bowtech run some tests showing that it didn't matter which way you went. 60 maxed or 70 turned down. If you want to go higher than 60, get the 70. Mine has a birth certificate of 60.3#.

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    I see that you're a bowhunter, and I'm glad to see that.

    If you're retired military, you're not likely a spring chick. You may want to give it some thought, but I believe that 60 is good for whatever you want to do except the Big 5. Your joints will thank you in your later years. This I know for sure. I went too heavy to long (now 66).

    I'm headed back to Africa next month and I'll be shooting 56.8 as best I can measure. This'll be the 3rd trip and I have no qualms whatsoever. With that weight I've taken some fairly big critters over there and I'd not hesitate to take it on a Moose hunt.

    Whitetails and Mule deer? I've taken several of each with a 45# recurve.

    As a vet, you're obviously in decent shape and could pull a bit more. No reason not to, if that's what you want. Just keep in mind that it does take a toll over the years. I surely regret some of the things I did back in the 60's. I'd hate to see you having the same regrets.

    Thank you for your service, and the very best of luck to you.

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    go with a 60

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    I bought a 70# and regret that decision. I have it backed down to 65# right now. May crank it to 70, because that is what my arrows were selected for. But having been out for a while, my strength is just no longer what it used to be from doing those 0600 PT sessions five days a week. Unless you still stay with your routine that you had when you were in, go with the 60#.
    60# Bowtech Boss Black

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    There's no reason to be ashamed of 60. Hell, you never even have to admit it.

    If anyone ever ask just obfuscate, or, if needed, just lie. "don't know for sure. Don't have a very good scale. Feels like about 85 to me,". " No, you can't pull it back. Too much liability on my part".


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    I shoot the same draw length as you with a 70# RPM and love my bow. It's a smooth drawing bow for what it is, but it doesn't let you forget its 70#'s. I decided to get the 70# because I shoot a somewhat shorter draw and want the most I can get out of my bow. Sounds like you should find a 60# that's maxed out at 63/62# on its certificate from what you stated above. You could always do some shopping around at the local shops in your area and see if they'll let you shoot a 70 or at least draw it(usually all shops let you draw them), you could get lucky and one shop might have both bows. If your dead set on the RPM then get the poundage you feel better with, but if your dead set on 70#'s and the RPM is a bit much, maybe check out an Experience at the 70# draw weight or even an Insanity.
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    I have a 60 lb Experience set at 62.7 lb I have a 70lb RPM set at 66lbs. They are both really smooth drawing but the RPM just feels a little smoother even at the heavier weight. I normally struggle with a 70lb bow but the RPM is a breeze.

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    The RPM is way more manageable at the shorter draw lengths at higher poundage. Mine @ 29.5" and 70#s was pretty rough. Currently shooting around 63#s and it's very smooth at that poundage.
    Road Crew Pro Staff
    I shoot bows

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    Most modern bows aren't affected negatively by being turned down in poundage like bows of the past. In fact, many 70# bows turned down to 60# will be a few FPS faster than a 60# max bow due to limb deflection. As mentioned above, a 60# will easily kill North American big game. In fact, a 50# is more than enough for deer. I bought a 60# RPM and plan to hunt with it around 52#, as I've already taken 17 deer at that weight with another bow.
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    Yea I am not a spring chicken, 55 yrs old
    Good advise from all.

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    Also always shot with fingers, but now with the Axle to Axle are too short
    Asking if any of you use a back tension release or Trigger, which is better ?

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    70. And I like my thumb trigger but the wrist strap is a nice change.
    BTX31/Supra EXT

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    Bowtech RPM 360 Tech Heads

    With a 360 IBO I think 60# is plenty. Heck it's probably faster and harder hitting at 60# then some bows at 70# I just purchased one and did some quick calculations. Even with my short draw length of 27.5 and a heavy 425 grain hunting arrow at 60# draw weight, I'm going to be around 75lbs of Kinetic Energy. By the guide I have that is enough to hunt Dangerous Game including Cape Buffalo and Grizzly's ! So I think with this bows speed 60# is plenty.

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    That's my Draw length
    What is it max out at ?

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    Mines a 70# bottomed out. 28.5dl with a 378gr bloodline shooting 319 on a pro chrono
    Draws like opening a car door.

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    60 lbs is plenty fast and a lot easier on the shoulder.
    Bowtech Experience 30" 64# Black Ops
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    Mar 2014
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    I was shooting last night and the guy at the shop had an arrowspeed radar chrono.
    I'm shooting 63#, 29" and I got between 302 and 305 out of mine. Dont know how accurate that chrono is though... I dont know the weight on my arrows either.
    2013 Bowtech Insanity CPX, 70#
    2011 Bowtech Specialist, 60#
    2008 Bowtech Constitution, 70#

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