Any good Oneida techs/shops in northern California?


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    Any good Oneida techs/shops in northern California?

    I just bought what looks like a pretty decent older Eagle on fleabay and I have no idea how to tell if it's properly set up and working. I'd like to be able to talk face to face but I'll ship if I have to. Thanks for any help!

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    get a hold of Joe at American Eagle Bows....check his site out. There may be some Oneida guru's on that site in the N. Cali area.

    I would suggest checking out the videos on his site....they show how to disassemble, setup, tune etc. Well worth the watch. I know the bows can be a little intimindating but once you get over that hump, they're real easy to work on.
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    Go to Archery Only in Newark. The owner, Wayne, used to carry Oneida bow years ago. He set up my strike eagle like new.

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