RPM 360 Draw length and poundage


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    RPM 360 Draw length and poundage

    I am looking at an rpm and am curious about the poundage I should go with. I have a muscular build so I am strong so that is not an issue, but I keep hearing that the rpm is even more manageable at smaller draw lengths. I draw 26 inches so that is rather small, so would 70# limbs maxed out be a reasonable thing for me to get? (In comparison I am currently shooting an old PSE firestorm lite at around 65-68#)

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    Mine is a 70# but is maxed out at 73.8 from the factory.
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    Id say pull whatever you mormally pull. The draw cycle probably rocks at 26"... Because it becomes super smooth as soon as 29".
    But youd have to get the 70# limbs in order to get the range you normally pull.
    2013 Bowtech Insanity CPX, 70#
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    Going to shoot it tomorrow to get a feel for it

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