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    Martin Bengal parts

    Wow its been a while since I was on here last. I used to be a regular with multiple post daily and I got bitten by the duck hunting bug about 5 or 6 years ago and lost interest in the archery game. I'm trying to get back into it and bring my son back as well. We have a 2006 Martin Bengal that was modded into a youth bow with factory parts by our now out of business local dealer (victim of the economy) and it has a peak draw of 27 inches and draw weight peak of about 45 pounds. If I remember right this bow was originally a 50 to 70 pound draw and 30 inch peak draw length. This bow has very low usage and is just like new. I'd like to return it to its original form so my son could continue shooting it. What are the ods of finding the parts to do this?

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    I have a few sets of 14" Mag Limbs which I am fairly certain were on the Bengals. I believe it had draw mods and they shouldn't be very hard to come by.
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