Is my Bear Super Kodiac too short?


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    Is my Bear Super Kodiac too short?

    Everything that I am reading on the forum is that for a draw length of 29.5 I should be shooting a recurve with longer limbs than what I have with the 60 in. Super Kodiac. I'm not interested in Olympic style, and wanted a traditional/recurve bow that I could target shoot and hunt with if I wanted. I noticed that the Bear bows are all short, except the Grayling Green that comes in a 64 in. option. So, I actually have one of the "longer" Bear bows. Are they short for hunting reasons? Is that the main distinction between hunting bows and target bows? Do some of you have any concerns or experience any finger pinch? Please explain, as I'm beginning to wonder if I bought the wrong bow.

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    That bow should work fine for you. The main reason people think it is to short is because of finger pinch but if you are not experiencing an over abundance of finger pich I wouldn't worry about it. If you are hunting that would be the perfect bow since it is not so long that it will be too difficult to get through brush. Another down side of a short bow is stability, the longer bows will be a little more stable but with a longer bow it will be harder to manuever and you will have a greater chance of hitting brush and tree limbs when you release an arrow

    Long story short, if it is working for you that it is fine. I would not suggest going any shorter with that draw length tho

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