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    I'm torn...

    ...between a 23" and 25" riser for my wife. She's quickly outgrown her first bow and is shooting better than I am.

    Her draw length is 25-26" and she's shooting a 25 lb bow now. We're looking at the SF Forged in either 23 or 25 inch riser using medium limbs. That should make a 66 or 68" bow.

    My question is: Is the 25" riser/medium combo too long for such a short draw? I would imagine the limbs not really getting into their power curve until a few inches later, so I'm thinking the 23" riser might be a better match. The dilemma is now do I wait for a 23" come available? (They're on backorder in the color she prefers) or so I spring now for the 25 inch that is in her color? I tried talking her into a silver riser, but she's having nothing to do with that.


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    It seems the consensus between us and her unofficial Coach is to go with the 25" riser giving her a 68" target bow. The longer length will give it a "softer" feel for her to smooth out her form. She only shoots indoors at 20 yds, so she doesn't really need the aggressive profile of a shorter bow/limb combination. As luck would have it, a first time visitor to our range had exactly the bow she was looking for. He let her try it for feel, weight, grip, etc... and she loved it!

    So, I think the decision has been made for me. 25" SF Forged riser, and a set of 26# medium limbs.

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    Has she had a chance to shoot both? That might be the best way to decide.

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    Only the 25" one, not the 23. As is usually the case, the shop is primarily a hunting shop. No target equipment unless it's a special order.

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    25 in riser with that DL is what you want, esp. indoors. If she is not shooting outdoor FITA the shorter bow is not necessary.

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