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    J nocks

    I posted a couple times about the J nock lifting the arrows off the deck or rail. On my 330 will not no more I swapped out strings to a thicker string bingo. Problem gone. So I'm back to J nocks on my matrix bows. I just can't duplicate the accuracy or flight with flats.
    I tried several flats today and yesterday and different inserts. Nothing topped the J's out of the 380.
    So I started a investigation on the 330 and found it was serving size.

    Now before you flat nock lovers hang me from a tree . I didn't say they didn't shoot good ok. They just don't shoot as good for me out of my bows.

    Just a down to earth Bowhunter.

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    Oh man....I was getting my rope ready while reading this....until I got to the last part.

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    Lol I've been strung up before. For not walking the prescribed path.
    Just a down to earth Bowhunter.

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    I use J nocks on my sz350 and middleton. Great nocks, very durable.
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    Rt2, if the serving is too large for the J nocks you could always try the D nocks. I've got a cheaper PSE Enigma that has a larger diameter serving. The D nocks fit it well. The J nocks work great on my Mission.
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    The problem was the serving was to small. But only on the string on the 330. Funny thing it's the same string just served tighter my guess. The J's worked great on the 380. I took the miller string off and put vixenmasters string on the 330. And it's looking good. And one of my 452x strings also worked good.
    But thanks for the heads up. All info is good info imb.
    Just a down to earth Bowhunter.

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    Take a small chain saw file and make a couple passes thru the nock also solves the problem. Made a 12" arrow put it on backwards and it will lift off the rail on about all of our Vents. After we file the nock problem solved. So all the nocks when building arrows get the treatment. Didnt hurt grouping either.

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    Love my ... Firenock snap on "Q" nocks. Great safety feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
    Love my ... Firenock snap on "Q" nocks. Great safety feature.
    Firenocks are hard not to like. Snap and go.

    I have found over the years. If you keep coming back. You was where you should have been in the first place.
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