Hey everyone. I'm new to the archery talk scene but I wanted to give anyone with an agenda 6 a heads up on the limb pocket bushings. I got my agenda 6 about 4-5mths ago and gotta say that I was very impressed with the smoothness at 70lbs. So I bought it. Got it all set up for my short 27" draw, about 60lbs and then sighted it in. After around 150shots, I noticed something wrong and you guessed it, the bushing broke. Left the bow at my archery shop and he replaced it. It wasn't about 50shots later, the other bushing broke. Being ver discouraged, I contacted Bear archery because my local archery shop closed its doors, and the rep that I spoke to said that the archery shop was suppose to replace BOTH bushings with factory ALUMINUM bushings and will send out a new set of aluminum bushings tomorrow. I have a hard time believing that Bear archery didn't have one single problem with these bushings at the factory whirl testing the bow out before releasing them into the archery shops. So if anyone has any problems with their bushings, just call or email Bear archery and they will send out a pair of aluminum bushing replacements and you should get them in about 5business days depending on where you live. Hope this was helpful and shoot straight!! ~~>----->