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Thread: for those who lift weights

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    for those who lift weights

    I just wanted to share. I have been using the info on this guy's website to design my routines a bit more intelligently. I have been lifting a long time, and I have seen great progress since swapping from a traditional body building routine to this. I also appreciate his humor and satire. there are a lot of good articles on there that debunk fitness myths and give sound research backed advice. . There is a fitness guide that he sells, but 95% of all the information is free!!!
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    Nice I'll take a look

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    Looks pretty interesting... will definitely add to the sites I read about fitness.

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    Skimmed it and noticed for beginners he advocates Starting Strength. That's solid advice.

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    Very cool. Thanks for the link.

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    Nice site, thanks.
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    Thanks, look forward to reading.

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    I will definitely read. Thank you
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