Fletching Orientation

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    Fletching Orientation

    What fletching orientation to you guys find works best for shooting fixed blade heads?
    Gonna re-fletch my arrows in some SK-300's most likely.


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    I use AZ's Bolt fletcher which throws on a mean helical for fixed blade heads.....using Blazer and Nitro vanes.

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    I was using the SK-300's on my BEE's but switched to the VaneTec V-Max due to the SK's wanting to "wrinkle" too much...I use a Bitz and 2-3 degree off-set and there's was very little difference in the accuracy and POI of the two vanes....
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    I use a blitz with a very slight rt offset straight clamp. I've tried a bunch of vanes blazers are just about as good as it gets. IMO.
    I'm shooting slick trick grizztricks a pretty big fixed head. IMO it has more to do with arrow make up proper spine and spine marked arrows and FOC. Than fletching
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