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Thread: Mamba M6 on order

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    Mamba M6 on order

    I can't wait to get my M6...for me, it came down to this bow or the Obsession Evo. I really liked both bows after shooting pretty much everything. I will say that the Energy32 was on the short list as well. All of the features off the APAs put me over the top. I plan to do the riser is Stormy Original after the bow season here in WI.

    I ended up ordering it straight from Nibal and Yvonne as the closest dealer is 70+ miles from me. I like being able to contact the owners directly...being a small business owner myself, I appreciate talking to the decision makers. So far, customer service has been adequate to above average. They seem to be outgrowing themselves a bit from my perspective...but that is just my opinion. I hope they do not lose sight of where they came from, as I do think they will become a household name eventually.

    I can't wait to get in the stands with this beauty. Pics to come.

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    I got the M7...

    But to be honest, as much as their CDX rest is brilliant and simple, for my hunting purposes, I believe the QAD HDX arrow rest is the correct direction at this point in time..

    Also, I would suggest to watch some of Nibal's videos in maintaining, installing, and timing correction.

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