Mamba M6 on order


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    Mamba M6 on order

    I can't wait to get my M6...for me, it came down to this bow or the Obsession Evo. I really liked both bows after shooting pretty much everything. I will say that the Energy32 was on the short list as well. All of the features off the APAs put me over the top. I plan to do the riser is Stormy Original after the bow season here in WI.

    I ended up ordering it straight from Nibal and Yvonne as the closest dealer is 70+ miles from me. I like being able to contact the owners directly...being a small business owner myself, I appreciate talking to the decision makers. So far, customer service has been adequate to above average. They seem to be outgrowing themselves a bit from my perspective...but that is just my opinion. I hope they do not lose sight of where they came from, as I do think they will become a household name eventually.

    I can't wait to get in the stands with this beauty. Pics to come.

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    I got the M7...

    But to be honest, as much as their CDX rest is brilliant and simple, for my hunting purposes, I believe the QAD HDX arrow rest is the correct direction at this point in time..

    Also, I would suggest to watch some of Nibal's videos in maintaining, installing, and timing correction.

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    Enjoy I had an m6 and the jury is still out on how much I'm gonna miss it. One thing for surw is I hate not having the carrying handle and the fang
    BEAR ARENA 34(on order)

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    Mine will be back soon I'll post pics sent to ultimate finishers inc in NY and got it done in predator 3d kolorfusion looks amazing and these bows are shooters puts arrows heavy arrows down range fast I took two mature doe with mine this season and love it just wish it had the elite locked up feel at full draw
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