Changing cables on a Ghost 350

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    Changing cables on a Ghost 350

    I'll try again! Looks like the there are two parts of the string/cable. Both around $40, so $80 for the string and the cable. Am I right so far? There are hex bolts attaching the limbs to the frame, is that what you remove to change the string/cable? Is there a secret to balancing the limbs after disassembly, or is balancing unnecessary? Do you just completely tighten that hex bolt?


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    You don't remove any hex bolt unless you take the riser assembly off the stock. Those hex bolts you're thinking of are the limb bolts and should not be adjusted. You HAVE to press the bow in a bow press to change the string and cables. DO NOT unscrew those bolts.
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    When you have the string/cable replaced cock the xbow and see if you have any cam lean. If you do, figure out what side of the cable yoke you need to twist to take the lean out. On my BCX the lean was so bad after having a new string/cable replaced the bolt nock would not seat back far enough to deactivate the safety, you couldn't move the safety forward to the fire position. Bow was put back in the vice and yoke twisted to take the lean out of the cam, all fine now. This needs checked on any brand of xbow, this could affect your accuracy.

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