For Trade New bowtech carbon overdrive for trade only


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    New bowtech carbon overdrive for trade only

    I have a new 14 bowtech carbon overdrive camo rizer black limbs rt hand 70lbs with tags im looking to trade for a Mathews creedxs or Mathews z7 in exl cond you can txt me for pics or msg me here thanks..
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    afternoon bump

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    also maybe interested in the reezen 6.5 or 7.0

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    Jan 2010
    Mt. Orab, OH
    I have a Reezen 6.5
    27.5, 65 lb
    lost camo
    Great condition, interested?
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    pass one the alpha elite ultra thanks for the offer tho.

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    Brand new with tags bowtech invasion?
    Bowtech Bows

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    fallin waters wv
    14 prime impact great shape
    14 energy 35

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    no thanks olemilme thanks for the offer tho.

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    is the invasion a cpx? g-unit?

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    also may trade for a rpm360 or Mathews heilm or creed or creedxs or chillx or chill-r.....

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    I have a Mathews helim bare bow that I might trade you for your overdrive

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    Quote Originally Posted by winjeff2012 View Post
    is the invasion a cpx? g-unit?
    The invasion of cpx, I have it an the carbon overdrive. Love my invasion, I believe it is the best hunting bow b.t. had made. Just so you know, if you decided to sell let me know a good friend is looking for exact bow.

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    Invasion Is a cpx

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    trade pending....

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    Still have the flawless chill. Thanks Maxwell

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