Archery ground blind for 6' guy


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    Archery ground blind for 6' guy

    I weigh 245 and some blinds I just feel cramped in or they weigh a ton to get the a half mile to my hunting spots does anyone have any ideas on what blinds I should look into I be most great full

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    Barronett Big Mike Ground Blind is 80" tall. If you look to stand up in comfort.

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    I use the Primos Ground Max Vision. It has 360 degree visibility if needed. I am 6'3" and pushing 300 and I am feel it is quite roomy. I believe it us 77" inches tall if I remember correct. I think it weighs 18 lbs so I'm not sure what you would consider heavy, but with the supplied bag it comes with I think the weight is quite manageable.
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