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Thread: Sony S600 Safari controlled fast hack build

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    Sony S600 Safari controlled fast hack build

    Here is a new build that is going to be auctioned off for charity. This is a Sony S600 fast hack controlled by a Safari control board with the opto back packer. I am using a aqua case with a pipe through so a Master Lock Pythin lock can be used. 2d batteries used as externals for long cam use. I am also using a bar to hold the s600 up against the flash gasket. 3 aa batteries to power the Safari board. Great build that will take super pics.



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    Very nice

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    Nice of you to do that Charles, the winning bidder will be very happy with that setup.
    Building homebrew trailcameras is my retirement hobby, feel free to send a pm re: availability, etc.
    My homebrew pictures link, click on any album and enjoy !!

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