food plot question...


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    food plot question...

    So last year I planted, in the fall, buckwheat, rye, and clover. The buckwheat came up, the deer ate it and this year of course it is gone. The rye grass was somewhat slower growing, but it too drew in the deer. In fact my 12 year old missed a little 8 pt hunting over it! The clover grew but I planted late and it never got very high. Anyway right now the clover is looking beautiful, about 3 feet high. The Rye has seed heads all over it but the stems of course are getting real brown and dying off. My question is should I mow it now or not? My brush hog/ tractor combo won't allow me to just cut off the rye. I can't get it up that high. I could cut it off about a foot off the ground, taking the clover with it of course. I know the clover will come back, although it looks so nice its hard to do it. But if I do that will the rye seeds reseed themselves? On an aside the turkeys are pounding the plot. As I mowed around it they were coming out both sides and then sneaking back in as I mowed the other side!

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    cut it

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    Yeah, you need to mow it. Clover needs to be mowed a couple of times. It promotes growth and the deer will feed on it more.

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    Yeah I'd lean towards mowing it...
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    The rye is gonna resead itself either way. As other said mow it down. Next year when the rye comes up again try to mow it again and not let it come to a head. .

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