game cameras that still have a connection to TV


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    game cameras that still have a connection to TV

    I have several cameras that have a plug in the bottom that makes it possible to connect to a TV. If camera companies view this at opinion is to STOP doing this. Honestly, how many people hook their camera up to a tv? Cut a cost and stop making a tv hookup...#wasteofmoney

    I have had so many cams have the rubber plugs get eaten by ants and they set up shop inside. If companies think it is so important to still do this then make it so the person has to open the case to make the connection. Never give the lil' buggers another possible way in. Just sayin.'

    Sorry had to vent.

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    did you just "hashtag" ?

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    Good vent and I agree except what's a hashtag and why did you use the pound sign? LOL

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