Carbofast and dst's


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    Carbofast and dst's

    Sometimes products come along and the marketing and hype out perform the performance then we have products like ok archery bow whom some accuse of being all hype yet the numbers don't lie. The vast majority of those that shoot them have improved their shooting. So now for an add on that I look forward to getting a chance to shoot ...
    A Carbofast stabilizer. Like I did with my bows I did a lot of research and listening to those who shoot them and say how they have made a positive impact on their shooting, even after the"new factor" wears off. I'm excited to get my hands on a set. I will have the hunting version for my absolute first then will be getting a target set up.

    So how many ok shooters found their perfect match of dst and carbofast and what's your setup.

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    I got the carbofast long rod set earlier this year, had a chance to compare it to the doinker platinum set from friend of my. I was very surprised with a very comparable performance, I could not feel a major difference between that most highly priced stabilizer and the carbofast what cost really just fractions.
    I owned earlier years also tried in several occasions all bigger names available on the market, at this moment I don't see anything out there worth to switch.
    I am highly recommending carbofast as a brand product and their sales/support is just more then impressive.
    32" front rod with two 12" sidebars, I like rings, shooting for competition, especially enjoying long distances....
    OK Archery - abs40, Shibuya, Beiter, CarboFast,

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    I have Carbofast on one Absolute and Doinker Platinum Hi Mod on the other Absolute. Just like bigHUN, the Carbofast shoot just as well if not a little better than the super priced Doinkers (thank god for used prices!). I find the shot is a tad softer with the Carbofast setup. Target aquisition is about the same.

    I'm shooting 36" front with 5.2oz up front and 15"/13oz in the back (each weight is 1.3oz). Both bows liked to have the back rod pointing almost straight down and very tight to the riser, but I understand that's a highly personal setting.

    If I had to nitpick the Carbofast setup, it's the height of the weights. Having 10 of those suckers hanging off a 15" rod makes for a really long back bar. I'd consider getting a 12" instead of 15" to account for the tall stack. Or just pony up the cash and get their new tungsten weights ($10/oz IIRC).

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    I married my DSt40 with 28" in front and two 10" inch in the back.
    If all marriages were that good! Kidding aside, great feel to the Carbofast......super stiff so they can take the total of 42 oz. 12 up front and 30 in the rear. I bucked up for tungsten to achieve a reasonable stack length.
    I also have a 30" front and two 10" for the Absolute I have coming.
    I have been thinking of going with 15" rear stabilizers to reduce the mass weight of the bow.
    Just need to pull the trigger.......and sell the 10"
    LNG and short....after shooting two other major brands (for considerably more money)..... I decided to try the Carbofast and never looked back. Great product and even better company.
    Proud authorized dealer for Ok Archery bows and Carbofast stabilizers.
    DST40 and Absolute 40, Axcel Sights, Beiter Rests, Carbofast Stabilizers, T.R.U. Ball HBX
    "Tuning can only be relevant if you have consistent form; and if you have consistent form , tuning then becomes irrelevant." Bernie

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    I have a 28" rod with 4 steel-weights at the front on my ABSOLUTE and a 29" on my DST40. I am trying out what is better: 10" or 12" single side-rod with tungsten weigths. The original steel weights pushes the side-rod to long for me shooting up and downhill at angles beyond 25 degrees.

    The Carbofast rods are tapered with a heavy front-bushing for a fast recovering after the shot. To my opinion, the floating on the target is very slow.

    A X-Tinct is waiting on my SMOKE...

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    Inch for inch ,ounce for oz , CF comes on target and settles faster for me , period.
    They carry a lot more feed back in my opinion as well. I like the feed back after the shot breaks personally , it like a kind to hearing a clean shot come off a pair of Spirals.
    They work well with a smooth draw to the wall and stick it. I could see how they would start to cause a bit more chatter if you do not have a very fluid draw or stop in the valley then stick the wall.
    Nothing in them thats gonna bumb up ones X count over Stingers or Doinks.
    I have had several off comments on the sticker and grafix - I dont shoot case queens so the looks of my rig matters very little personally.
    Nice to support the small guy sometimes and the customer service was great
    Bannana in Banana out .

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