After market quiver options for the Barnett Recruit

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    After market quiver options for the Barnett Recruit

    I am looking to put on a 5-6 bolt quiver on my new Recruit.

    I am not a fan of Barnett's stock quivers. For one the Recruit is a 3 bolt quiver, I like to carry more than that and they come unlocked to easy and if you don't notice you have to back track to find it. Not to fun on those long morning walk ins.

    I would really like a 5 bolt quiver but I don't know if that is even an option.

    Given what I am looking for what do think would be a good brand to look at and that will give a good fit to the forearm, I know on this I may have to modify the mounting bracket.

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    I just put a Trophy Ridge LITE1 5 arrow on my 410.

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    i am going to use a hip quiver for my recruit . bolts are only 20 in long so they wont be hanging up like my vertical bows arrows do

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