barnett raptor fx crank/cocking device

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    barnett raptor fx crank/cocking device

    just wondering if anyone knows what Barnett crank/cocking device to buy for the raptor fx

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    I bought the raptor and it came with the crank cocking assembly. I used it a few times but in my own opinion, it severely gets in the way. I took mine out and it sits in my gun cabinet. I rather use the rope cocker. If you want it or need it you can call Barnett and they will be happy to sell you one. I believe there around $100.

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    I have a Barnett recruit with the crank cocking device and the crank cocking device for it and the Raptor FX is the one for the Quad series, Penetrator ect. That is what barnett told me and it works great!!!

    Here is a link to the device and it shows the raptor fx as compatible

    Cheapest place I found them was ebay for around 70-80 bucks shipped is about as cheap as they get.

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    Whats the bottom line that youll sell for

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