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    Rye Clover Mix

    I plan on planting a rye/clover mix for this coming season and to start clover for next year. When would you recommend planting this in central Wisconsin? Also, what seed ratio do you recommend? Things I have read have said around 8 lbs clover with 50 lbs rye. Any thoughts/input?


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    We plant ours in mid august 2nd or 3rd weekend in August here in Central MN. As far as amounts of clover I think it depends on what kind and how much area. I've switched from rye to oats mostly for our plots. I plant the oats heavy. 2 or 3 bushels in less than a acre. Lots of oats for food and clover comes in real nice the following summer.

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    Here is possible problems. If you use fall rye it will grow back next spring , so you will need to kill it off with select or arrow next spring. If you seed too heavy in the fall, it will stunt out the clover growth.

    You can use fall rye but seed it down at 30-no more than 50 lbs per acre. I'd rather have you use spring triticale, spring oats, spring wheat or spring barley. Use 30-50 pounds per acre OR OR.....use 8-12 lbs of berseem or crimson clover, they are fast growing annual clovers. They will work as weed suppressors and good companion crops. The deer love berseem clover and will gobble that down, allowing the slower growing perennial clovers less early grazing pressure.

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    Just thinking I wouldn't mix an annual with a perennial.
    Now a clover mix with winter rye off on a side plot, well, seems to work.

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    I use 75lbs/acre winter rye with 50lbs/acre of oats and include 10-12 lbs of white and red clover mix. In the spring I either mow the rye off or let it sead out and die. This has worked for me and has made some superb clover fields. I do have a high deer density that keeps the rye and oats mowed down throughout the fall.

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    I just put some in last week winter rye grain and crimson clover. My plan is to turn it back under after turkey season next year clover is just sprouting and the rye is about 3 inches tall

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