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Thread: Holding weight

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    Holding weight

    Absolute 38, 70% mods 14lb holding weight, 60% mods 20lb holding weight (very little valley), looking for 16-17lb holding weight, ? best way to achieve.

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    What size mods are you shooting and what's your draw length and what position in The mod are you.

    Here is a change I made to my bow and the effects of twisting and changing mod yet keeping same draw length.

    First off my bow is not stock. I did a cam swap so my specs vary from factory. Ok archery ships bow to your exact specs that you ask for unlike most companies.

    When I swapped cams I didn't have proper mods I needed a 27 3/4 draw length with med cams and I only had # 5 mods. So after twisting here were my specs for that setup

    A to A.... 36 3/4"
    Shortest slot on mod position
    Draw length true 26 amo 27 3/4
    Draw weight 64#
    Holding weight 23ish pounds(my scale sucks)

    Changed mods.....

    Med cam longest slot #3 mod
    A to A 36 3/4
    Draw length 26 1/4 amo 28 (where it should be if in spec to chart)
    70# draw weight 22# holding weight(weight should be higher since I swapped cams)

    Next to put in my specs. My cables were over twisted so this was easy
    I took exactly 10 twists out of each cable and checked timing and lean and adjusted as needed

    A to A 37 1/8"
    Draw length true 26 amo 27 3/4"
    Draw weight 62# holding weight 20-21#.

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    Small cams, number 7/G mods in the middle hole of the set of three, 28 inch draw. ? Would going to 28 strands from the current 24 for the cables be an alternative method.

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    The letter (A, B, C, D, E,.....) DL modules you won't have big valley for holding, so far I know all will be 22-23 lbs and above, only way you can lower by limb bolts out.
    The numbered DL modules are all low letoff you can increase by twisting cables/string and measure and adjust the bow DL.
    I have the same 7 and G with medium cams, swap them around several times just to get a feel which I like better. For target shooting below 22 lbs I don't feel the confident strong hold, I prefer 23-24 and I can lighten the bow taking out most of the stabilizer weights....
    My new cables are 20 strands and enough cable stop, but I set my DL precise and I don't pull into the cable stops hard but to touch only.
    Take the #7 and take out twists from cables (decrease the DL) and put twists to string (decrease the DL), move the DL modules to other hole (increase the DL) will increase the holding weight. a nice portable press and a draw board combination makes this really easy.
    String-Cables adjustments.JPG
    OK Archery DST-38 Absolute, CarboFast, Shibuya, Beiter, CX,

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    Thanks, I'll have a play and see how I go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff Rogers View Post
    Thanks, I'll have a play and see how I go.
    don't be afraid playing, more you will learn about endless possibilities with these bows.
    Also, whenever you change anything, you do one at a time and write down you log , test it, write down your feel about it....then you go to next....allways write it down what did you do so eventually you can get back to starting point...

    OK Archery DST-38 Absolute, CarboFast, Shibuya, Beiter, CX,

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