New to me DST-40


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    New to me DST-40

    Hi fellow OK archers,

    I thought I'd share my experience so far with my new aquisition...

    I bought this bow used from Mark N. (he's a OK Archery authorized dealer here in Calgary). I had been intrigued by these bows for quite some time. He let me shoot it in his config. (draw lenght was quite a bit shorter than I need it; heavy stabilizers). Even dispite that, I liked it very much and told him if he ever wanted to get rid of it, I'd buy it; so that's what I did about 2-3 weeks ago.

    He set it up for my draw lenght by swapping modules - 29 3/4" AMO. I took it home and checked everything. I made sure the timing was dead-on for both cams with no lean. Set the center shot in the geometric center of the riser and the nockpoint square. I added the sight (it's a Swiss made AGF) and the stabs (also AGF). I like to keep the total weight light, so I did not add any extra weights. Both the long and short rod come with built-in vibration dampers at the ends.
    I then built some new Victory VAP V1s with 120 gr points and Beiter nocks (I was running out of ProTours - a few snapped in the crosswind, a few are bent; only 4 good ones left from a dz.). Did some research on the VAPs and got to try a friend's VAP V3s - was impressed, so I switched. The price is right as well....

    So I went outside to shoot. The picture is of a round at 50m on a 40cm target. Yes, I had a couple of oops... But I am sure impressed with this bow. It took forever to setup my Hoyts to do the same - if at all. The OK bow is way smoother and quieter than the VE and UE; really not even fair to compare the two manufacturers, IMHO.

    12 arrows @ 50m, 40cm target face
    Click image for larger version. 

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    DST-40 all set up
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cheers, Rudy

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    Nice to see Rudy! Glad you are liking it.
    Your new mods are on the way and should have them next week. Glad to have you on the OK team.
    Go it grouping nice especially considering its on a 40 cm face at 50m. Talk soon.
    Proud authorized dealer for Ok Archery bows and Carbofast stabilizers.
    DST40 and Absolute 40, Axcel Sights, Beiter Rests, Carbofast Stabilizers, T.R.U. Ball HBX
    "Tuning can only be relevant if you have consistent form; and if you have consistent form , tuning then becomes irrelevant." Bernie

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    Very nice and glad you like the new bow!! Awesome

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    Looks like you found "the one" for you - great !
    I agree 100% with the Hoyt - I had the same problem !



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