Racist remarks: An A&E public service announcement......


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    Racist remarks: An A&E public service announcement......

    Folks, there has been a distinct uptick in posts that are questionably and or overtly racist as of late. In the newly relaxed A&E rules atmosphere, racism in all it's subtle forms is still a no go. Sneaky, underhanded racist comments or anything that can be interpreted by the moderators as racist will be acted upon. This is your fair warning. You make racist comments, you get a vacation. We cannot and will not abide such base behavior.

    As an example--
    This warning also applies to Juan and his prodigious use of a term he uses to describe himself that rhymes with spleener . We can't allow racist remarks, not in the least.

    I also think it is fair to say that unfounded lobbing of accusations of racism need to stop as well and won't go unnoticed.

    Happy Posting.

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