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    Sonny.......the rules were changed in 2012.. state shoots will use the same format as pro ams....if the class shoots all known....its all known at state.....if its a 1/2 known 1/2unknown. ..its that state....and if all unknown. ...its that on state

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pincher View Post
    menopause, dementia and depends. Jeez, I thought old farts would have some fortitude and want to shoot unknown. I have no hope for America anymore because if this is the values theyre passing on to theyre grand kids, Hunting will be outlawed by 2020
    I swear Pincher you make about as much sense as some politicians......... You "have no hope for America" because shooting known distance 3D increases the number of people that enjoy archery competition?

    "Hunting will be outlawed by 2020" because of known distance 3D? You are making NO sense! You may or may not be aware that you are making incredibly illogical statements. Need I remind you that competitive archery existed LONG before unknown distance 3D and the ASA ever existed?

    Individually we may not like known distance 3D but as a whole right now it is GOOD for archery. Making irrational statements of doom and gloom is childish.
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    Yep. Guess you're right. Was thinking more of longer distance class with known yardage for hunter set-ups. Like maybe a K-45 Hunter. Everything is already "Classed to death" tho.

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    the known yardage is a good ideal for the free style class but for the bowhunter class unknown should maybe remain but maybe shorter distances for seniors ,the reason for shorter distances is, once we get older we can`t use as heavy pound pull bow anymore.that`s were i am now at 60 years of age and not only now trying to judge distance but with using a bow with less pounds which means less speed,longer distances arrows seem to fall a little short easier ,but i still enjoy the unknown 3-d as well as known 3-d. but when i hunt i do try to use a range finder so maybe just maybe known is the way to ?? i really don`t like loosing arrows or looking for them in the grass .

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