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Thread: A question of speed

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    A question of speed

    I remember someone asking about what kind of speeds one can get from a OK bow.

    Here is what I am getting:

    Bow: DST 40, 29.75" AMO draw length, 56.5 lbs draw weight
    Arrows: Victory VAP V1, 400 spine, 120 grn point, Beiter nock, 3 Easton Diamond 175 vanes, total weight 344.5 grns
    Speed (measured 3 arrows): 285, 285, 286 ft/sec
    Speed (predicted by OnTarget2!): 284 ft/sec

    I also shot a 300 grn arrow. Speed for it was 302 ft/sec (measured) 302 ft/sec (predicted)

    There seems to be quite a bit of accuracy in these numbers as the sight marks predicted by OT2! have been verified in the field by shooting all the way to 90m.

    Cheers, Rudy
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    772 got that thing cooking! considering its a 40" ATA and 8.2' BH its pretty decent speeds
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