Alder brush in plots


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    Alder brush in plots

    I had 3 acres Of alder brush that I brush hogged then disced really deep for a food plot and then planted clover went to check it today and the brush is already about 6 inches high is there any affordable way to get rid of this brush?

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    I had a small area in the woods logged off and made a foot plot out of it. The young popples had grown up thick before I had a chance to get working on it. I ended up renting a bobcat and pushed all the new growth out of the ground. Had a bucket with pinchers that worked pretty good. It was a lot of work but it is a nice plot now.

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    We have used a wand to brush the weeds/brush with glyphosate. Can make one with pvc and thick rope that will hold water like a wick and brush it on the plants. Is the clover coming up yet?

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