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    Shot Plot ...Forage Rape and turnip

    I planted a 1/3 of an acre about two weeks ago with a (the Evolved Harvest brand) forage rape and turnip mix. It has come up nicely so far. My question is how can I tell the turnip from the rape from unwanted plants? I tilled the plot three times about two weeks apart before planting. I thought that would be sufficient to kill all the grass and weeds before planting. Now I am not so sure that it worked. I have lots of wide leafy plants coming up but there is also a lot of what looks like grass. Does forage rape and turnips look the same when they first emerge. I'll get out there and get some pictures.

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    First just tilling won't kill the the weed seed buried in your bed. i"m guessing you have that coming up too. The rape and turnips will grow fast so weeds should be down some. I can't help in telling you what each looks like at a young age but you should be able to google it.

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    Pretty sure this is grass coming up with the brassicas. This piece of dirt showed very little life after the second time I tilled it. It was very dry at the time so I bet it just looked good due to lack of moisture. I watered the heck out of it for the first week and it has rained 2 inches in the last week. Hopefully the rape and turnips will grow fast enough to choke out the other stuff. I am a little bummed just because I thought I was doing things right. I didn't think spraying was necessary if I turned the soil this much. Another bummer is that the chemical is sitting here and I have a sprayer. It would have been easy. I've only done one other plot and that was last year. I sprayed that one and it worked very well. The clover I planted is really nice and thick.
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    Yes, you have some grasses coming back, and you will if you didn't spray. the bigger leafy plants in first pic are your rape and turnips. it looks good for only 2 weeks. you wont be able to tell the 2 plants apart till they get bigger. the turnips wil have a bulb on bottom, and the rape wont have any bulb. The leaves will look exactly the same. If you have seed left over, you can spread in the bare spots, but if not, no worries. It doesn't look like you have any or many broad leaf weeds at this point. If your soil is acidic, the plants will get about 6-8" tall, then start turning yellow/purple, and growth will pretty much stop. Brassica need a lot of nitrogen as well, and growth will be stunt from that too. Just a heads up. Been doing turnips and rape for 4 years now, and learned more each year. The deer will still enjoy it, especially if its the only thing around for a good distance.

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    Spray it with some cleth right now, that will take care of your grass problem.

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    The plot looks good, I wouldn't spray anything on it at this point. Brassicas will grow pretty fast with that rain. Its impossible to eliminate every single weed or grass from a plot and the deer won't mind one bit. If you're in MN its getting a little late in the game to put down more seed, but you certainly can and they'll grow some, just not as much as what you've already planted. A forage radish can be broadcasted this late and will get some good growth if you want to fill in the bare spots but I wouldn't wait too long. There are lots of places you should be able to find radish, turnip or rape seed for less than $3 per pound and you probably only need a 1/4 to a 1/2 pound to fill in your spots. Even if you decide to do nothing at this point, you're gonna be happy with that plot.
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