I've purchased a Barnett Ghost 400 and love it dearly. A bit heavy from compounds, but it is deadly accurate.
Here's the situation I've encountered.
I live in the south...Specifically South Carolina and I hunt in the low country around Allendale.
Anyone who has ventured to the South or lived here knows of the HIGH HEAT and unbearable HUMIDITY. Especially during the opening of deer season on August 15th thru September then it starts to cool off.

I store the crossbow indoor climate controlled 72 degrees.
When I step outside to the back yard range to practice the other wise accurate shooting machine is off center in any direction, ranging from 4" to 6" from the aim point.
This lasts until the limbs get acclimated to the almost 98 degree temps and equal 100% humidity.

Once the limbs seem to get equalized with the temperature and humidity it again is dead on target.
This is only after a volley of about ten bolts flying at the target.