Semi-new to archery with a question.


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    Semi-new to archery with a question.

    Haven't shot a bow since I was a kid in my early teens shooting a cheap fiberglass recurve (think boy scout type). My son got into bow hunting last year and has been trying to get me into it as well. I have been shooting his Bear and doing Ok with it, so for an early Christmas present, he is taking me to Cabela's in 2 weeks to get my own bow. The one we are currently looking at getting is the Stinger 3G since it is on sale and both he and I are on a limited budget.

    Is there anything I need to know about before we drop the hammer as it were? I found Archery Talk while researching the bow.

    Thanks in advance for any answers/advice you have to give.

    From the Flint Hills of Kansas

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    I have a pse and have had trouble with the idler wheel. The stock string on it is not the best, but it was still a good bow to learn with for the price

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    I shoot a PSE Surge, but considered Stinger, very stable bow, but like any mainline PSE bow,
    be ready to change strings and cable asap, if you use the stock string and cable better of with
    tube site till you can afford some pre twisted string and cable for it, Stinger works.......

    PSE Surge SW 70# Vapor Trail.......

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