Tiller importance?


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    Tiller importance?

    So, just curious, do you think tiller tuning is as important as it used to be?

    The reason I got to thinking about it; my wife is shooting a 2013 chaos one and though I'm uber diligent about things, the other day I noticed the lower limbs were about .5 mm farther out of the pockets than the upper. Did I screw up, when adding 1/2 a turn (really doubt it- but I am human) and give her a negative tiller?

    As it's a single cam, how would I measure? With modern limbs (quad and better specks) does it matter?

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    Being that .5 millimeter equals .019685 inch I wouldn't sweat it! I wouldn't be able to readily see a .019685" difference so I know I wouldn't be concerned.

    When you do not have identical cams pull a string between the axles and measure to that to measure tiller.
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    Well, maybe not .5mm , it was enough that I noticed. After digging out a metric ruler, it was more like 2 mm.
    A string, A to A. Why didn't I think of that, Thanks!

    And yes. The lower axle is 1/8 in closer to the riser. What if any effect on a single cam does that make? We are paper and bareshaft tuned, so.....

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