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Thread: Arrow rest alignment on Elite Envy bow

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    Arrow rest alignment on Elite Envy bow

    Hello everyone. I am new here. This is my first post

    I recently changed my compound bow, going from a Browning Eclipse SLX, to an Elite Envy. The latter was bought used, as it is no longer in production.

    Upon purchasing the bow, I had the pro shop change the arrow rest from the original Trophy Taker, to a Fuse Ultra Rest (same as QAD Ultra Rest). The shop tuned the bow, and performed paper tuning. I then sighted in the bow and it shoots straight from 20 to 50 yards. I could not help but notice that when an arrow is nocked, it points right of the sight pins. I always thought that everything was meant to be aligned. BTW, this is a binary cam compound bow, with no cable yoke, and the two cams are offset to the left. Is this normal or is something out of whack?

    BTW, when i move the arrow rest to the left, to get everything aligned, the tip hits left of the fletching when shooting through paper.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not necessarily... many bows tune inside or outside half a shaft or so... you may have a little lean in the cams also... tune through paper again and then lock it down. By the way, what number is it? I have #118 and #10 (I think thats right...) I and my 15 yr old son shoot them still because a better bow has not been made yet...
    '07 Envy #118 28/74, FMJ 340s, Ramcats @ 310fps
    '07 Envy #010 28/70, GT XT 75-95, Ramcats @ 306 fps
    '10 Monster 7.0 28/70, FMJ 340s, Slick Trick Mags @ 302fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrr051468 View Post
    By the way, what number is it?
    Number 004

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    One of the good ones. Tune it for 67-68% let off and it becomes a shooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z-Rider View Post
    ... Tune it for 67-68% let off and it becomes a shooter.

    How do you do that?

    BTW, it already is a fairly amazing shooter.

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