Barnett 18" Bolt Weight and more...

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    Barnett 18" Bolt Weight and more...

    I am very new to crossbows. I just ordered a Barnett BCR Recurve Crossbow (still waiting to receive it). The info recommends using 18"/400 grain bolts.

    I need allot of you experts out there to help me out.

    What is the ready to shoot package of 5 bolts that Barnett sells weight of each bolt.

    Bolts are rated at xx grains per inch. Is that for a blank bolt or one that shooting ready?

    Also, does the BCR Crossbow come with attachment points for a sling?

    Lastly, what is the best lube for the rails and the best wax for the sting. Speaking of sting...the BCR just came out this spring so I haven't been able to find replacement string that I can have on hand, just in case. Any help here?

    Thank you, in advanced.

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    I'm no expert but a good little scale can be had off a poplar auction site. I got one several years ago for my reloading and its accurate along side my rcbs scale. Handy little digital scales costing around $10. Great tool for weighing your arrows like I do. From what I understand the weight per inch is for only the shaft. Nothing added like fletches,nock,insert. I use the Barret rail lube and Allen bow string wax. Someone else might chime in.

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