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Thread: Older PSE X-Bows

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    Older PSE X-Bows

    So, I have a 2008 X6, and I put a new(er) string on it, and set it up. Timing is on, BH, ATA, DL, everything within reason (usually means 1/16" to me). The one thing that doesn't measure up is the DF. I can't get above 65 lbs. on this bow - rated 60-70.
    So, the questions is, have the limbs taken a set? We're talking about 6yrs. of sitting past parallel, from a relaxed state of being flat. Has anyone ever checked this? I can't readily take my bow down and lay the limbs on a flat surface, so I'm asking those who can. Others who can't; have you checked your draw force on those older bows lately? Seen/measured any evidence of relaxation??

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    I've never had an issue with weight dropping off on the X-Tech limbs. My buddy has my 2007 XF6 that I bought new the week they were released, still holding the same poundage as the day I bought it. It has been through a couple string changes.

    I question one thing, you say all the specs are on including the dl, all the earlier X-Force bows were notorious for running long by 3/4" to 7/8"ths on dl when in spec.
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