Labor day week end shoot


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    Labor day week end shoot

    The King Archers are setting up the course today for our last shoot of the year. Lots of big targets, moose, elk, buffalo,caribou & big deer. You get to shoot across the river twice and along side it several times. Broadhead range will be open for those who want to sight in their hunting bows. Great food with picnic tables near the river to provite a great view. Best course in the state, hope to see ya all this week end.

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    We set the course yesterday and I'm sure you will like it! We put a Rinehart elk on #1 and it sure looks great there with the river in front of it. We put a total of 6 elk plus a bunch of other big targets out. Don't know of another club that would put that many big targets out. I took some pictures yesterday, hoping to get them on here today.

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    I've heard nothing but good thing's about your club . What's the cost , and can one shoot every day ?

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    cost is $10 for adults and you can shoot every day if you. You can shoot different classes or just shoot the reentry progrm. It's marked yardage. There is a map to find us on club website: There was supose to be picture posted here today by one of our younger member, I'll check on that to see what happened.

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    Sorry, still waiting for the pictures to get posted, but they are coming.

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    It rained pretty good last night, but as I write this it's clear. If anyone gets rained out they will be given the option to come back and finish. It is going to be a great shoot lot of work was put into the course, your going to enjoy it, hope to see ya this week end.

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    A few of the 3D targets at the shoot this weekend.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Col 2014 013.jpg 
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ID:	2030589 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Col 2014 011.jpg 
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ID:	2030590

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Col 2014 012.jpg 
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ID:	2030591 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Col 2014 015.jpg 
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    Yesterday was a big day for us with 123 shooters. Everyone told us they liked the course and would be back.

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    I enjoyed the Shoot as always. I do have one complaint however: Can you get rid of the one handed grumpy guy at registration? JUST KIDDING...he's a good guy really, just keep him away from power Tom R.

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    Thanks for the kind words. We ended up with 221 shooters and when you consider the weather we had to deal with I think we did ok. Special thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came to shoot.

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    We got scores up on website:, couple days after the shoot, sorry should have posted this sooner.

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    Very nice club.
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    Thank you. Hope you will be able to make one of our shoots. Our area is a great place to take the whole family for a vacation. Check out the chamber of comerce for more vacation info.

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