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Thread: X-Force TS with a bent cam

  1. X-Force TS with a bent cam

    I have a cam that is bent enough that the string came off the last time I used it. I wanted to know if anyone knows if I could replace with different cams that a available to purchase. I can not find a replacement cam and PSEUDO is not much help, they just want to sell me a new bow. I can't afford a $39000 bow and would like to fix it or sell as parts. Any suggestions?

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    which cam? pse made 2 diff treestand bows...hf or gx cams. A pic would help.
    Might check out ebay. Every now and then i see a set of cams pop up.
    Might luck out and someone here might have a set laying around....
    Id contact a rep and see what might could get done for ya....
    i believe there is one on here but i cant remember his user name.
    PSErepNE i believe...
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    you can put different cams on it...though you may have to do some custom threads for it.

    If you want PSE cams- good luck. Several people have had issues locating cams and calling PSE doesn't do much good since they don't carry a stock of cams. Your best bet is to put a want ad out and see what you come up with.

    Call one of the frank'n bow builders here and see what they suggest.
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    If its HF cams I have an extra set on my bench that I'd let go of. Send me a PM.
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    I've heard of people using Axe cams on them but you'll definitely have to get a set of custom length strings to make it work. I don't know enough about frankenbows to help with the string/cable lengths but there are people here who do.

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    hf cams lose 10 pounds if the bow is gx

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