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    Bolt Weight

    I ordered a Barnett BCR Recurve which Barnett recommends using 18"/400 grain bolts. I ordered some 5 packs of Barnett 18" Bolts and when I got them, none of them were over 400 grains. In fact, they averaged 378 grains with the heaviest at 392 and the lightest at 262. These are suppose to be ready to use out of the box.

    I am a little afraid to use them as they may be too light and be dangerous to shoot.

    Any opinions and input as to what I should do?

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    I called Barnett today about their "Barett 18" Bolts". Since they advertise and recommend that the Barnett Buck Commander Recurve (BCR) use only 18" bolts that weigh a minimum of 400 grains.

    ...what is wrong with that picture...they recommend a bolt that they don't even make and they make 18" bolts. It was explained to me that the marketing and instructions need to be changed..."The bow is a recurve" and that I can disregard the 400 grain per??? The rep called me back and told the minimum weight of the 18" bolt for the BCR is 347 grains. I feel more confortable in letting my grandson have this bow.

    So, if you are looking into purchasing the Barnett BCR and the bolts that come with the bow are NOT, at least, 400 grains...your good as all that I have are at least 362 grains.

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    i had this bow last year you can shoot a light arrow, just put a 150 grain tip up front and you will get close to 400, plus it will be a hard hitting bow

    those arrows are junk they provide, i went to(south shore archery supply and ordered 6 Black eagle executioner crossbow arrows @ 18'' with a 110 grain insert with a 125 grain tip and had a 410 grain thumping arrow
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