First xbow, new recruit on the way!

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    First xbow, new recruit on the way!

    So after reading a bunch of reviews I ordered a compound recruit for hunting. I know nothing about crossbows but am a long time archer with compound bows. Planing on using the bolts that come with it and may order some head hunters as well. Thinking 125g rage or spitfires, have not decided. Will try the scope that comes with it first, but may change that. Have some string wax, and rail lube, even bought a heavy duty fiberglass decocking arrow, anything I'm missing? Any tips or tricks for a newbie that will help me out? Thanks!

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    The red dot scope that comes with it sucks. I bought a Hawke map 3x32 on ebay for on my son's. It shoots great. I was extremely impressed with it.

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