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    Mystery sound?

    Ok so I have been archery hunting for a while but just recently gotten more serious about my equipment and it performance. I have a Hot Rampage XT that is about 3 years old. End of last season I started to notice a rather loud noise at the point of release. King of a smacking sound right before hearing the arrow impact. At first I thought it was just an Eco as I was shooting in my unfinished basement, but then while target shooting outside I heard the same thing. I have checked to insure everything is tight but still can't seem to find the source of the sound. Any thoughts?

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    WHile holding your bow (no arrow) - bang on the riser with the base of your palm (or hammer fist) and see if that produces any rattles or vibrations....
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    A local shop recommended that, I changed the stabilizer which helped but I still hear/feel vibration and I think it's coming from the cams or limbs

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